domenica, aprile 25, 2010

Slow Motion with GoPro HD

Laredo Slow Motion from Francesco Fucelli on Vimeo.

I must confess that one of the good things (amongst the others :) ) of kitesurfing is that the number of times that I've been sailing (windsurfing included) has improved a lot. Yesterday I've been to Laredo one more time (and this is the eight shot during April timeframe), the wind wasn't too strong and it lasted only 2 hours. I was out with my Crossbow as usual and it was quite crowded, so most of the people didn't really care of sailing safely and most of them didn't really respect the safety rules. When the wind was definitely too light for me I got out the water and I started shooting some videos with the slow motion feature of the GoPro HD camera. Nothing really special (two or three jumps), but it worth seeing it. The above is the edited version... Enjoy!

martedì, aprile 20, 2010

Laredo one more time

Last Saturday we went one more time to Laredo. We arrived at around 12:30 and there were already a huge number of people sailing - I didn't count them, but I guess there were at least 30 kites plus 10 windsurfer sails... I'd say "crowded", especially because most of those guys were sailing just a few meters from the seashore... can't understand why (maybe because of photographers??). So, when we went into the water I was a little bit concerned about this (i'm a beginner, you know...). I was a little bit overpowered, my 13sqm kite was pumping like never before and sometime it was difficult even to upwind. I also had a small accident - that's the third in a row for me. I think this is mainly due to the lack of experience (my fault again) and excess of  confidence. I was sailing and another guy was coming towards me. So I raised my kite to let him pass downwind, but we were too close to each other, our lines got crossed and we hit each other, luckily with no major consequences than a big black hematoma under my harm. I'm seriously thinking in buying an impact vest...
As usually I also took a video... so if you want you can watch my very first little, little, little jumps. Have fun.

Laredo - kitesurfing session video 17.04.2010 from Francesco Fucelli on Vimeo.

lunedì, aprile 12, 2010

Laredo - kitesurfing session video

Laredo Kitesurfing session from Francesco Fucelli on Vimeo.

Another wonderful kite session in Laredo. We arrived Saturday early (at around 11:30),  the wind was already blowing from NE, I would say 15/17 knots. I prepared my gear and went into the water, this time I didn't forget to prepare the GoPro HD on the helmet... the above is the video footage I recorder and edited (no jumps - yet). I scored three hours in the water before I had to exit because the wind was getting too strong - too much for my 13sqm kite. The good new is: the thermal wind is on... season just started!

giovedì, aprile 08, 2010

Hookipa Contest - Levi Siver in backloop at 16mt!

The past March 31st some of the biggest name of the windsurfing world met at Hookipa for a new contest format. Thanks to a new "gadget" it was possible to measure the maximum height of a jump. Well, Levi Siver (in my opinion one of the most radical windsurfer in action today) did a monstruos backloop at 52 feet (almost 16mt - a 4 floor building). Check the full article here.

lunedì, aprile 05, 2010

Kitesurfing in Laredo

High pressure here in the Basque Country, the sun is shining and the air temperature has risen to an acceptable level... spring, finally! I woke up early, checked the weather conditions, prepared the breakfast and geeently woke up my wife. I made getting into the car with the kitesurfing gear at 11:30am (and yes, my wife was sitting next to me). We spent three quarters of an hour driving down the highway heading to Laredo, few cars on the road (yes, it's still holiday here), no traffic jams... what a pleasure.
The spot was almost desert, only a guy was ready to get into the water with its kite. The wind was blowing at about 15-17 knots, enough for my black big  (13 sqm) Crossbow.  I quickly prepared the gear and jumped into the water. Water starting begins to be a "no problem", and I'm still impressed on how easy you can improve with this.  In Fuerteventura I could barely control the kite, now  I can glide easily... but I still need to improve my upwind sailing (sometimes I ended with my board on the beach... ;) ). At the end I scored four hours in the water... not bad for a beginner!
That's all folks, if you want you can watch the slide show below (these pictures were taken by my wife... She enjoy the sun and I'm lucky she also enjoy taking a looots of pictures).

domenica, aprile 04, 2010


Sotavento Easter from Francesco Fucelli on Vimeo.

I'm back from Sotavento, Fuerteventura, where I've spent the easter holidays. The wind didn't show up, at least It didn't as I would have expected and how it is right now (at this time, the rene-egli weather station is showing 30kn NE). That's life.... as usual.
By the way, I bought an helmet and the GoPro mount straps and went into the water to shoot some videos. The above is the result of one and a half day of windsurfing session, 20knots (no more), some waves, very inconsistent conditions. I've spent over 200€ to rent the equipment and didn't have too many opportunities to use it. Renè is still smiling counting the money.

In the meantime, as you know I also started kitesurfing. The last day I finally made the water start and started planning. It has been a great feeling: It seems like you got nothing under your feet...and a big - BIG! - kite flying right in front of you. Hey! I still prefer windsurfing (at least till I control more a sail than a kite), but I have to recognize (accept?) this is going to be interesting.

Unfortunately I forgot to wear the helmet and I can't show you a video... my friends took some pictures, I'll post it asap ;)