mercoledì, agosto 25, 2010

More than one month

More than one month have passed since the last post. I got no excuse, you know how lazy I am. I've spent some days in Italy, just to meet my family and my old friends, and I also took the opportunity to do some kitesurfing - 4 session only - and some windsurfing at my italian home spot, Sabaudia and Carrubo - Baia Felix. To whom is interested, these are typical summer spots, with thermic wind blowing from the south (Sabaudia) and South West (Carrubo), always rotating throughout the day to westerly direction (the people from Rome call this wind as "Poneccio").

Anyway I was quite surprised that during August wind components came from the west, thanks to some perturbation somewhere in Europe and high pressure over Italy. This helped to lower temperatures and humidity and gave us some relief from the hot days we had at the end of July (couldn't even sleep because of the sultriness).

By the way I scored a total of 10 Wind/kitesurfing sessions. I had fun with my Cabrinha Crossbow, and I also tryed an RRD Placebo board, a shorter version (135cm long) than my Rival. The most fun came anyway from windsurfing: with a 145lt board I borrowed - almost stole - and my Point-7 AC-0 7.2, I was able to plane all the time. Not the best board for jumping too, but at least I know that for the next summer I have to buy a used 130lt board and get rid of my S-type.
We also had some sort of misadventure, we saw a young guy drowned in Sabaudia Beach, and this remind me to be respectful with the sea. He was 21 year old, he didn't know how to swim, probably he was too confident.RIP.
Be aware: tides in Sabaudia can be very strong (believe me, even if this is the Mediterranean sea, not the Pacific Ocean) and the seabed is very irregular: if you get there, especially when there are even small waves, watch out and never get out alone.

What's next, now that I'm back to Bilbao? I'm start thinking of the surf trip, which will be held on the next October... and the winner is....


Yes my friend, I'm planning to get to Brazil as soon as possible. I also convinced my wife to join me (not a big deal anyway.. :) ). Stay tuned for dreams to come true!