giovedì, ottobre 06, 2011

Broken board and some videos

Ok Guys,
I definitely finish to break my kite surf board, and this time it's my fault (although, as everyone now has been able to check the "smoking paper" building quality of the x-tech RRD Fatal wave, this should have been happened sooner or later). The obvious suggestion is - never ever - surf in a 10cm deep water, which may sound familiar to most of you, not to myself three days ago. I was surfing in very low wind condition in Laredo during mid tide, my 13sqm GIN ZuluIII and some 30cm mushing waves. Not so funny but the surfboard let me ride somehow decently. The sand bar in front of me didn't seem too deep.  But I was wrong. The fin stucked into the sand, my heavy foot pushing on the top of the deck, the cracking sound coming from the bottom and myself screaming how stupid I've been. That's all the story... and the results:

By the way, due to my usual September "lazyness" I didn't post anything for almost one month and a half. That does not mean that we didn't had any nice kite sessions. Actually my personal counter scores 4  rides (not that much though), two of which at the Pantano del Ebro. Summer is lasting too much this year, with temperatures that are still quite high. We are all waiting for the chilly north coast winds and waves.
I'll let you with to videos from the Spaghetti Production. Enjoy!