mercoledì, ottobre 17, 2012

The New GoPro HD3 black edition

GoPro has just announced the latest release of its best selling camera, the GoPro HD3. The camera will come with a reduce form factor,  2x smaller than the precious HD and HD2, and some incredible specs which I was able to find on the net (the GoPro site is still not working at the time I'm writing this post - I guess they are official) for the black edition:

So, according to the table above, this camera is able to shot video @4K (that's HD cinema format...) and has a slow motion mode up to 240fps in WVGA mode - it sounds impressive for such a small piece of hardware. Most above all, wifi is built in and the remote will also be included in the black edition package.

Availability: white and silver edition (199$ and 299$ respectively) - 21.10.12; black edition (399$) by mid november. I've already made my choice.

giovedì, ottobre 04, 2012

Cabo Verde

I've been to Cabo Verde only once in my life and I did't had too much fun. I stayed in Ilha do Sal for just one week and the trade winds forgot it was time to show all their power. We know the story... the less time you have, the higher the probability that things go wrong. That's life. Sal could be like hell, I suppose. There´s not much left to do but windsurfing, surfing and kiting. O, yes, snorkeling too...
Then you whatch the video below and think... hey where's this paradise?

Enjoy... that´s Alibaba Spot, Sal, Cabo Verde.

roughcut kauli - Minds Wide Open from Andre Paskowski on Vimeo.

martedì, ottobre 02, 2012

The Story behind One Eye

 Brutal video en One Eye de Jeremy Eloy. I have to consider Mauritius as my next travel destintation.