martedì, giugno 28, 2011


Let's admit it: I love kitesurfing. I love the sensation of sliding over the water, powered by the force of mother nature only, the contact with the elements, the sun, the waves, the wind. The past Saturday  has been for sure one of the best kitesurfing moment in my entire existence - said with Homer Simpson words - "'TILL NOW". I will for sure remember it as one of the best experience I've ever had. Please don't get me wrong: life's too short, don't waste it and get all you can from it.
On Saturday weather forecasts were showing some strong NE wind components. I bet that Laredo was "fully booked", plenty of people, sails, few room to sail safe and no waves, so I decided to try a different spot: Berria. The beach of Berria stays just next to Santoña hill - basically next to Laredo - going west. Thanks to the mountain, when the wind blows from NE direction it accelerates (because of the Venturi's Effect),  so typically you got 3 to 5 more knots there. Somehow gusty on the seashore, but pretty consistent a few meters far away from it. The landscape is spectacular anyhow, so even if you don't sail I really suggest you to pay a visit. If you sail, well, you also got waves there since the beach faces north and there's not obstacles for the swells that are coming from , so you know...
I arrived there late with my wife, and got into the water as soon as I could inflate my 10sqm Rebel. Lots of windsurfers, just one kite was in the water. Small but funny waves let me properly (as a "wave beginner", of course) test my mono directional board. As usual I shoot and edited the video above: I can promise you won't waste more than 4 minutes of your time watching it. Enjoy!

sabato, giugno 18, 2011

The biggest wave I've ever ridden - Ben Wilson

wind is blowing quite strong out there, with pretty consistent swell coming in. Time for some action, so I'll be quick. Like Ben Wilson and that monstrous wave.