lunedì, aprile 25, 2011

An Inspiring short

This is what I call an "Inspiring video": 20 minutes that are worth spending. Nothing really related to Surfing, but I promise you won't be disappointed.

We had some good kite session here during the last two weeks. In Laredo the wind season just started, and we had some consistent days with some small waves too. I believe that the time to buy a monodirectional board has come. In my whishlist there is also space for a new kite - probably a smaller one, let's say a 7sqm wave - for those days where the wind is stronger than usual. I will probably sell my Crossbow, my too big, slow turning kite, so I would need a 12sqm kite for those light wind days. In one of the latest session I tried a Naish Torch from a friend of mine and I had very good sensations, rapid turns and quick response to the bar. I need to try more kite eventually, let's see if I'll be able to find the perfect match.
Resuming it all, the ideal equipment would be 13, 10 and 7sqm kites, twintip + monodirectional board. That all. Now I got a 13 sellable kite + a 10sqm Rebel (that I'm in love with) and a twintip... need to invest some money in.

That's why I'm selling my windsurfing gear! If anyone is interested here's what I still have:

- Hot Sails Maui Fire, 5.8, perfect conditions (used three times) year 2009
- Hot Sails Maui Big Waves Mast 430 RDM, 90% carbon, new (same as above, used three times only) year 2009

Drop me a private message if interested. The Equipment is available in Bilbao area, pictures are available on request.