mercoledì, luglio 25, 2012

The two latest kite sessions

I scored two session in the last two weeks. The first was not a memorable one but it was fun, especially because it was unexpected. I moved to Muskiz on a Saturday. This reminds me that whenever I don't have to trust weather forecast as they will often fail. So at the end I was into the water with something like 14 to 20kn NW wind for almost two hours.

The second one was one of the most funny I had during 2012 in Laredo. Easterly wind blowing strong for almost all day long. I went into the water early and got out only when my legs and knees were completly burned. I went out again with the Rebel 7.0 - I love it!
Laredo as usual was full of kiters, and lots of them were newbies that couldn't sail far from the beach. I didn't care because I could easily sail close to the wind an then go downind having fun with the shortboard.
For me this session scored an 9 out of ten. I'll just want to share a video I found on vimeo. What a waves in Iceland! Check at min. 1:54 how that wave got smashed... my eyes still I can't believe what I've seen....

kite surf iceland from TDZ on Vimeo.