venerdì, dicembre 31, 2010

Why Kelly won 10 ASP world titles

At age 38, and still ruling in the ASP tour. Almost 20 years have passed since the first world title, and this guy still rocks. This sequence, taken out from a Hurley Pro Championship video, show one astonishing maneuver: how to loose your board while riding a double overhead wave...

and NO! wait, he's still there (and everyone wondering how he made it...). I love this guy!

mercoledì, dicembre 29, 2010

Wish you a Windy New Year 2011!

martedì, dicembre 21, 2010

Laida - last 2010 session

Picture by QueteKite Team

Last sessions (66th for this season) last sunday in Laida (Mundaka). The wind lasted only half an hour, enough to get into the water with the Crossbow 13sqm. 2010 has come to an end... happy Christmas and happy New Year! See you in 2011 (God, I'm getting older...).

giovedì, dicembre 16, 2010

Necker Island

I bet everyone of us would like to be in Sir Richard Branson shoes. I personally like him because it does not seem to be the classical multibillionaire-24h working guy (and probably he his) who think only in his businesses. He also enjoy life and has a good sense of humor.
By the way, I take a look at the Necker Island web site and found out that actually you can pay for staying there... a one week room will cost you around 26K$ ONLY. What a crap!

lunedì, dicembre 13, 2010

December Kite sessions - 2010 wrap up

December has arrived, cold weather too. Beside of the freezing temperatures, during this month I already scored 4 new sessions:

  • Ladia: Southern winds, 20kn, 10sqm kite
  • Kanala: S, 30kn (with gusts at almost 35!) and the (overpowered) 10sqm kite - I was too crazy getting in... the chicken loop released and I found myself tangled with kite lines in the middle of the lagoon. I was trying to recover pulling the 5th line but it was nearly impossible because of the gusts pushing the kite far away from me. That was reeealy a bad situation.... never never again!
  • Laredo: constant 22-26knots NE/E winds, some waves (1mt), too funny but guys... outside air temperature was only 7°C, which means that it was really chilly... to give you an example I can tell you that once outside the water I couldn't feel my foot :)
I still have one week left before Christmas time, let's see if I can get out one or two times more... ;)

By the way, the end of the year is getting closer now and it's time to make a quick wrap up of what 2010 has taken to my wind/kitesurfing session. To get to the point, up to the mid of December I scored a total of 64 sessions (35 kite, 29 windsurfing). This represents my personal best since 2006 (year in which I started to record my sailing sessions): 

Thanks to the kite I was able to stay into the water more and more times. Beside the fact this is the first year that I do kiteboarding, I already had more sessions than with the windsurfing. If you consider that I spent four weeks between Venezuela (El Yaque) and Brasil (Jeri) and I was out only with the windsurf board, you can imagine how hard is getting out in the water in the Basque Country. I'm start thinking I'll have to sell my windsurfing gear soon... my new NP Zone 4.7 has never touched the water... 

The windiest month has been August for obvious reasons (more time spent next to the sea, holiday season) followed by October (Jericoacoara) and April (Laredo thermal winds season): 

Of course, I will try to improve this during 2011 even if I have the feeling it won't be easy.  I also get the impression that kitesurfing is gaining shares... but that's a different story. :)
By the way I already start thinking in a couple of nice spot where I could spend one/two week holiday time  during the first half of 2011 (suggestions are always welcomed). Stay tuned for more info!