martedì, agosto 16, 2011

Kalenji Keymaze 700 + 2011 Rebel 10m

Holidays are almost come to an end. We had lots of windsurfing session here, with south westerly winds that allowed us to surf almost every day. It has been a great August time here at the Circeo / Baia Felix.

There are some good news here guys. If you read the latest post you've noticed that a friend of mine used a GPS device to track his windsurfing sessions. I bought the same device with hearth rate monitoring system and I will test it during one of my MTB session. Let's see how it works. For sure, it's also water resistant (IPX7) so I think I could use it (withouth th HR stuff of course) during my freeride kiting sessions. I will hopefully post some stuff here soon.

Yesterday I was surfing on the web and came to the website which has some stuff on sale. Since the new 2012 North Kites are already available for ordering, there are some great discounts for 2011 gear. If you are not interested in having the newest stuff always ready in your quiver, it's time to spend some money and do some good business out there... I just ordered a brand new 10m Rebel, black one, for some 800€ (bar NOT included). It should arrive next week.
For sure: my 2010 10m Rebel with bar is available for sale for only 650€ shipping included. Drop me a private message if interested.

giovedì, agosto 04, 2011


Ok guys, I'm back to Italy on holiday since one week now, and I already scored four nice sessions (one with the kite, and three with the windsurf - yes, my beloved windsurf). The sun is finally shining over our heads, and it seems that summer time is bringing us some good thermal winds.
The best session I had can be described by the above picture: a friend of mine has a nice GPS watch and tracked down the Tuesday session. We sailed together to Torre Fico (upwind the harbor) in a nice landscape of Monte Circeo, our typical summer spot here in Italy. He's maximum speed was over 25 knots,  pretty good considering that he was sailing on a custom Temavento board and a 5.7m Naish sail. I was out with a 145 RRD X-Ride board which I borrowed (almost stole) and a 7.2m Point-7 AC-0 sail. The wind was not so strong, I didn't measure it but I bet it was not blowing more than 22 knots. Nice session, Maurizio... let's repeat (..but please remember to switch the GPS off when going home :-) )!