martedì, giugno 01, 2010

Pantano del Ebro - 30.05.2010

Last Sunday weather forecasts were showing no wind at all on the Basque coast, but with temperature rising (summer, finally!) we knew we had good chances for the thermal wind to blow down from the north directly on the Ebro impounding basin, one and a half hour driving from Bilbao.
We arrived at around 2pm, mounted the kites (13sqm) and went into the water. The season has just started here, so the wind really started blowing in the late afternoon: perfect if you want to stay in the bed after a looong night and sleep some additional hours :).
On Sunday the base wind was around 15/16kn, with gusts at (guess) 20kn, flat water. Very few people kiting (I would say only 10 kites, lots of beginners); moreover the water temperature was surprisingly more than acceptable. I was wearing my 4-3 wetsuit and always felt comfortable.

The video above is the outcome for this day. My jumping skills are improving fast, more than expected...