giovedì, maggio 27, 2010

Short video of the last kitesession we had in Laredo. This time I lend the GoPro camera to my Argentinian friend. This is the outcome. As you see, our kiteboarding skills are improving session by session. In my case I just started to jump, don't know how much high I go, but I manage to stay in the air for at least 4/5 seconds. Ok, then I crash into the water quite often but at least I manage to get the kite flying in the right direction. Let's see if I can improve this.
Next step: carve jibe (just downloaded "the complete kiteboarding guide from the internet... hehe)... stay tuned!

martedì, maggio 11, 2010

Walk on Water

That's interesting. I'm still trying to understand if this is a fake video, but it's funny to see how people keep on doing incredible things... "just visualize it!"