lunedì, maggio 30, 2011

10 minutes - astonishing video

Chris Bryan Films Phantom Reel from Chris Bryan on Vimeo.

Just sit down, boost the volume of your speakers and enjoy this wonderful video in super slow-mo.

giovedì, maggio 26, 2011

One day in Kanala

martedì, maggio 24, 2011

New board in my quiver

...a RRD Fatal Wave 6'0", year 2010. As you may notice, it's a monodirectional board. I've had the pleasure to test it during the last kite session we had in Laredo: not the ideal conditions so far, low tide,  light wind (no more that 15kn onshore) and just 1m waves.

By the way, It has been one month since the last post in this blog. No excuses except my laziness. That does not mean that I didn't sail: as previously stated, thermal wind season started more than one month ago, with Laredo working pretty consistently. I'm recording all my 2011 kite sessions (yes, no windsurf anymore... did I tell you I'm selling almost all my windsurfing gear?) on My windsurfing Session site (check it, my nick is Surfcanarias) and up to now I scored 21.... not bad but surely I can be improve this.

Last but not least check the latest picture my friends took in Laredo. Some nice jumps, carves and on. Thanks Manu!