mercoledì, dicembre 24, 2014


It's been a while since I came back from Brazil, but hey, I've been quite busy with work and family and I had very little time even for myself. Now that Christmas holidays have started, I hope I can close the gap and fill this blog with some nice picturer and comments on the latest surf trip to Jericoacoara.

Despite the fact I've been hijacked by a TAP airstrike on a 36h flight instead of the scheduled 21, I finally made it to Jeri, a little bit tired and without my friends coming from Italy which were also affected by the airstrike. I spent the very first three days in the pousada my frineds and I booked completely alone, so I had time to relax and digest the never ending trip down there.

This time the wind in Jeri was pretty consistent. Waves were not, unfortunately, since no swell was hitting the Brazilian coast during those days. So, we got just somewhat a one meter waves, mostly generated by the tradewinds. Nothing special, nevertheless some of the pro were able to jump on those small ramps and score some memorable manouvres.

So, some numbers. I scored 9 out 11 days, most of the time the wind was blowing quite strong. 8 windsurf sessions, just one with the kite. Reasons for that:

1) No or small waves, and I get bored with the kite;
2) Club dos Ventos doesn't rent any kite surf board, they only have twintips - and only a limited number - so downwinds were definitely not an option also because of 1);
3) My friends are old style windsurfers, so I mostly enjoy riding with them

[by the way, if you ever want to rent a combo gear (kite + wind) at the Club dos Ventos please be aware that this can be really expensive. You're not only paying for the gear, but also you double pay for insurance, which is somehow stupid from my point of view... if I'm windsurfing I am not kiting and vice versa. Why paying two times, then?]

Biggest sail used: 5.4m (but most of the time it was a 4.8m), biggest board 103lt. For the kite session it was a Cabrinha 7m. Every day three hours in the water splitted into two sessions, plus an "afterhour" surfing session on the small but fun shore waves.

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