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Wizmount backpack review

As you probably saw in the latest post, during the shooting in Fuerteventura I've been been using different mount systems for my GoPro Camera (I call it my 4th generation GoPro Hero camera since I already lost/break three of them). Most of the accessory can be easily found on the Internet, either original ("expensive") or "chinese" made (check out at which in my opinion are as good as the GoPro ones.

Recently I've been looking for a backpack mount too give my shooting a better look and a different POV. At the beginning I was thinking in building one on my own but my skills on DYI projects are poor and most of all I have very little time to spend on this stuff (by the way, if you have time check the following blog which is full of useful hacks for your GoPro camera). I moved to one of the few orderable on the internet, the Wizmount and the VuVantage. Final decision was for the first one, simply because it seems to be the most available on the online shops (spare parts too).

The Wizmount is a well built, lightweight backpack. The backplate is made out of rigid plastic, stiff enough to provide a decent attachment to the aluminium poles. When I put it on I barely feel its weight making it quite comfortable. The backpack is provided also with some extra pads on its back providing extra comfort for action sports shootings.

The camera mount is composed by three aluminium poles which can be attached together and can be fixed using specific joints. The poles slides in to for a telescopic system and can be rotated in virtually thousand of different shooting positions, and come with a specific GoPro attachment which permit to rotate you camera 360º and pivot it on the horizontal axis. Unfortunately Wizmount provides traditional screws which in my opinion are useless since to fix the camera you are supposed to use a screwdriver, something you can easily miss just before your shooting session. I substituted it with the traditional knobs from GoPro which are more practical.

I also strongly suggest you to buy or build a safety leash for your camera, especially if you practice water sports. It can be found online or if you want you can build it on your own (as I did) spending a few bucks in the local hardware store.

The cons: Though the Wizmount offers virtually thousand of different shooting positions, it is a pain in the ass to find the correct angle each time you want to shoot. I use it during my kiting sessions, and getting prepared could take you 10 to 15 minutes. Be sure to strongly tighten the pole and the camera together or they can slide back, ruining your shootings without you can even realize anything till you end your session.

Overall, I am quite satisfied with the backpack. It provides a good POV for your shootings, at a decent price. There are in my opinion some improvements to be made from Wizmount, but it is definitely worth the money.

Laredo - WizMount


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