martedì, novembre 20, 2012

Latest Mudaka / Laida Session

What a great day we had last Sunday in Laida / Mundaka. That's the first time for me with northerly winds (NNW)  in this spot.  Small waves and some bigger sets (nothing more than 1m, by the way) and and good wind. Ok, you can have a look at my face in the video and imagine how much fun I had.

When we got into the water (9:30am) there was high tide, and the beach looked like this:

Once we got out (aroung 12:30pm) it was like this:

...which is a little bit weird because you could almost walk from Laida to Mudaka keeping your feet dry... that's low tide in the Basque Country! :)

To give you an idea, look at the  map below. The distance marked here is 400m, that's where the seashore was at the end of the session. A long walk expected us to get back to the parking...

Some technical notes. I shooted the video above using a different mount for the GoPro, the helmet front mount module plus the curved adhesive fixing part (see picture below). This provides the camera better stability than the vented helmet strap I used for most of my previous videos. I'm quite happy about the result. This mount allows a different (and, in my opinion, a better) shooting angle too. The only drawback is the fact that I'm a little bit afraid of loosing the camera while riding... I don't really trust in the adhesive to keep the camera fixed onto the helmet. I think it makes sense to add a leash in order to prevent the camera getting lost in case it detaches from the helmet.

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IL MAO ha detto...

Complimenti Francesco, vedo che diventi sempre più confident sulle onde e anche con i salti :-)
E c'hai ragione, si vede proprio che ti sei divertito!
domandine tecniche: quant'era il vento e le temperature fuori dentro l'acqua :-) ?
Ciao, Maurizio.

Checco ha detto...

Grazie Maurizio,
non potendo giocare a calcetto (non trovo una squadra degna della mia classe) mi dedico ad altro.
Vento all'incirca 14-20 nodi, temperatura dell'aria sui 10-12 gradi, acqua non so. Accettabile da queste parti.