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How to exchange the depower line on a 2010/11 North Trust Bar

Im writing this post because after days spent on the internet looking for some information related to the above subject, I've been able to find just a short video (see above) related to the 2009 bar which doesn't fit well to what I needed, especially bacause as you know in the latest release of the trust bar the North team added what they call "iron heart", a little piece of metal which connect the depower line to the chicken loop.  A heck of iron piece. So arm yourself with patience when trying to disconnect it.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not responsable for any mistake here. You are always responsable of what you are fixing. Don't blame on me if you do something wrong. Always check your depower line and bar before getting out to the water!

Before starting with the exchange please make sure you have one screwdriver (flat head) and eventually an hammer. Put the bar on a flat surface, detach the rear and front lines and extend them as you are going to connect them to your kite.

Once you've done this, start disconnecting the used depower line. Please make sure to remember all the passages since you won't have any problem at the time you'll need to reconnect everything. The best way is to let all the item in the same place (better if you are on a flat surface): the vario cleat, the stopper ball, the micro loop... just slide the depower line till the iron heart.

Now it comes the first problem (this is valid in my case, just read on). If you are not used to clear with fresh water you bar, you can find that the little "U" piece of metal that couple the plastic (black) part with the steel one completely stuck. Don't worry. Use the flat head screwdriver and with some little movements try to pull it out. I used an hammer in order to unstuck it (don't be too brute anyway since you can damage the iron heart); you can also use an awl and give two or three good hit on the other side, if you want.

Once you get it out, separate the plastic from the iron one. Separate the stopper ball and then the line fro the vario cleat. Well done, now you can change the depower line with the new one.

If you did everything correctly you can now follow all the passages back to the beginning. Insert the depower line (the splice must be inserted first, the pass the line through the splice). Remember to put the stopper ball and the sliding stopper in the correct position (the ball should be down the sliding stopper).
Now insert the depower line into the plastic part of the iron heart but wait,  don't close it with the U metal part.  Keep on going "back": the line should pass through the bar, again into the stopper ball, the sliding stopper, the vario cleat, then into the pulley and back to the vario (see the picture for your reference).

Ok, now the most difficult part: you need to pass the depower line through the trimline. I used and iron wire for this task: pass it through the trimline, insert it through the depower line, pass it again through the trimline. Now gently pull it till the depower line is inserted. Make a knot to fit it in the correct position.

The last part: sheet your bar all the way out as if you are depowering the kite. The depower line should have the same length (see picture). Now you can insert the plastic part into the metal one and insert the U metal ring to fix them togheter. You're done!

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